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Recognize Danger Zones #snowDE

Written on: January 4th, 2014 in Alert Messages Safety Weather Related Notices

The Delaware Department of Transportation has predicted a 30 percent to 40 percent chance of freezing rain after midnight and early Sunday morning. Also, ice and snow from the Jan. 3 storm remain on some of Delaware’s primary and secondary roads — in addition to most of its minor roads and in subdivisions. If you must drive tonight, please be aware of these especially dangerous situations and drive appropriately:

  • Intersections
    • Slow down before reaching an intersection. Scan all directions for cars and pedestrians. If you’re having trouble, they most likely are, too. After a stop, accelerate slowly to get moving again.
  • Hills
    • When approaching an icy hill, pick a path that will allow the most traction. Head for unpacked snow or powder where you’ll get a better grip. Build speed gradually before reaching the hill.
  • Curves
    • Reduce speed before entering a curve. Any sudden acceleration or deceleration while turning may cause a skid. Controlled speed and smooth steering will help prevent wheels from skidding on a turn. If tires lose their grip, release pressure from accelerator; stay off the brake and turn your front wheels toward the direction you want to travel.