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How DelDOT Decides Where To Work First

Written on: January 4th, 2014 in Alert Messages Safety Weather Related Notices

The Delaware Department of Transportation assigns priority levels to each road, taking into account the amount of traffic it typically carries, population density in the surrounding areas and how crucial it is to functioning of the overall road system.

To learn where your road is classified, please visit the following website, which has links to maps of each county:

Functional Classifications

Roads are typically assigned to one of three major categories:

Primary Roads, also known as Arterial Routes and/or Expressways

Definition: Multi-lane highways, and some two-lane roads designed to carry heavy traffic volumes between major destinations.


Secondary Roads, also known as Collector Routes

Definition: These roads receive less traffic than primary roads, but are the main feeder routes to the primary roads.


Local Roads

Definition:  Roads that are used to travel to and from less densely populated residential or agricultural areas, used primarily by those who live along them.

  • These roads frequently have three-number designations.