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US Route 301 Archaeology Update

Written on: February 6th, 2013 in Archaeology UpdatesUS301

Winter Archaeology
Winter Archaeology

Brrr…. It’s  cold outside but  but sometimes archaeologists must work through the winter to  help keep tight project schedules. We still have to get the work done even if we “turn into snowmen.” Work on Route 301 archaeology at Rumsey/Polk site has taken some ingenuity including bundling up really well, the use of thermal liners for our one-meter square excavation units, the use of protective shelters, and a trailer for storing our equipment.  The thermal pads covering our excavation units worked very well to keep the ground where we planned to work from freezing despite snow all around us.  So stay warm thinking about all that we are learning from our winter work. RGA archaeologists Mike Gall and Ilene Grossman-Bailey are working hard to get our presentation on the results of the Phase III Data Recovery at the Rumsey/Polk site ready for next month’s  Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference  in Virginia Beach. We’ll be reporting on our 622 cultural features- posts, pits, earthfast houses, and a ten-meter deep well-  and over 12,000 artifacts of all types from the two periods when people lived at the site – 1740s-1770s and circa 1800-1855. Hope to see you there!

More Winter Archaeology
More Winter Archaeology