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  Archived Posts From: 2012


FAQ’s about the SR 26 Mainline Project

Written on: December 4th, 2012 in Route 26

Frequently Asked Questions – SR 26 Mainline Project

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers about the SR 26 Mainline construction project


Q:  When will the next public information meeting be held for the SR 26 Mainline Project?

A:  The next public informational meeting for the project will be held in Spring 2013. This will be an opportunity for DelDOT to share the schedule and phasing for the project with residents, businesses, and visitors.   

Q:  I’ve heard there is a Working Group formed for the project.  What is that for?

A:  A working group, made up of businesses, elected officials, and residents with various interests, has been formed.   This group will receive information from the project team and share it in the community, and will bring concerns back to the project team for discussion.  All working group minutes will be posted on the website.

Q:  How can I obtain information about the SR26 project?

A:  There are several ways to get information about the project. 

Q:  I see work occurring this fall on SR 26.  Is the SR 26 Mainline Project underway? 

A:  The work you are seeing this fall and winter is advanced utility relocation work, which is being done prior to roadway construction. It is imperative that utility poles be relocated prior to roadway construction so that the project can proceed without interruption.  Utility pole relocation is performed by crews that are under the direction of utility companies, not DelDOT or its contractors. Road construction is expected to begin in fall 2013.


Q:  Is this project similar to the one completed in Bethany on SR 26 in 2001?

A:  Yes, In 2001, SR26 in Bethany from SR 1 to Assawoman Canal was reconstructed with a center turn lane, shoulders and sidewalks.  The SR 26 Mainline Project will extend the three lane section in Bethany from the Assawoman Canal to Clarksville.  Please go to the project website and look through the project displays for more information.

Q:  Will work occur at night or during the day?

A:  The work schedule is still being determined.  On October 11, 2012 DelDOT sent out night work surveys to businesses and residents whose properties abut SR 26.   The results were tallied on November 16, and it was found that night work is supported by the community.  In addition to daytime work, night work WILL BE INCLUDED on SR 26.  


Q:  Will work occur during the summer and what hours will they be working?

 A:  DelDOT is sensitive to the seasonal traffic patterns in the state’s beach resort communities and will make every effort to schedule work in a manner that respects the needs of businesses, residents and visitors to these areas.  It is important to understand, however, that the road construction is very weather dependent and the most effective use of taxpayer dollars requires that work be performed in the summer.  We will be working with the project Working Group and our contractors to arrange a schedule that completes the work within a reasonable time period, while managing the summer traffic volumes to the best of our ability.    


Q:  What lessons has DelDOT learned from previous projects that will allow this project to proceed more smoothly?

A:  DelDOT has learned several lessons with recent projects:


Q:   Will SR 26 be detoured at any point during construction? 

A:  The only time SR 26 will be detoured is during the bridge replacements.  There are two bridges that need to be replaced, and traffic will be detoured onto the recently rebuilt roads to the south of SR 26 during this time.


Q:  Once the project is underway, will DelDOT use variable message (VMS) boards to advise motorists of the work occurring on SR 26?

A:  DelDOT will use VMS boards to advise traffic of work occurring on SR 26. 


Q:  Is DelDOT planning to reach out to the cycling community or pedestrians to explain the SR 26 project?

A:  DelDOT’s press releases will include information pertinent to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.  Pedestrian and bike paths, where they currently exists will be maintained.  However, for safety reasons, DelDOT cautions pedestrians and cyclists when entering active work zones.  


A great deal of other information is available on this website.  Take a look around, and come back often as information will be updated regularly.