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Route 54 Project Update

Written on: May 4th, 2012 in Route 54

DelDOT wishes to note that there was an unexpected lane closure to allow for the installation of a pipe at the east end of the job.  That lane closure should be pulled up by 2pm at the latest.   DelDOT appreciates hearing from business owners about this issue, and will handle it accordingly with the contractor. 

Today the contractor is working on some concrete work, as the weather is iffy with thunderstorms for today and tomorrow (so we didn’t want to start a full paving operation because if we do and it rains the whole batch of asphalt must be discarded).  There will be no work occurring Saturday, May 5, and no lane closures are planned for Saturday, May 5.

Because of a favorable weather forecast, the contractor does plan to pave Sunday, May 6 as well as next week.   There will be an early morning lane closure on Sunday to get the operation started.  Otherwise there should be minimal lane closures on Sunday during the paving operation, as paving will occur in the area that is currently closed to traffic. Although the Sunday lane closure may cause some inconvenience, we need to work on as many available days possible to ensure that we can be near completion by Memorial Day weekend.  We apologize for the late notice of this change, but activities and schedules are changing frequently because of the less than ideal weather we experienced this past week.

Some of you have expressed a lack of oversight with the contractor.    There are inspectors on site at all times during the contractor’s operations. These individuals continually monitor the work to insure it is being done safely and in accordance with all applicable regulations.  The inspectors maintain constant communication with the contractor’s foreman and relay updates to DelDOT on a daily basis.  

DelDOT apologizes for the inconvenience to motorists, businesses and visitors to Route 54.   We continue to work towards our goal of having the road completely open by Memorial Day weekend.